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The Clean Home Carpet Cleaning System

Clean Home carpet cleaning services are some of the best in the industry. Using a patented hot water extraction technique, Clean Home will leave your home cleaner than you ever thought possible. It is estimated that Clean Home cleans over 1,000,000,000 square feet of carpet each year. After that much carpet cleaning, the company and its employees would have to know what they are talking about. And they do.




While some cleaners merely spray a mist over your carpet or pressure wash the dirt out of sight, the Clean Home carpet cleaning process actually removes the dirt, leaving your home a more aesthetically appealing and healthier environment in which to live.

The secret behind the revolutionary cleaning technology lies in the power of carbonation. The carbonated cleaning solutions literally attack the dirt, lifting it to the surface of the carpet where it is easily removed with the hot water extraction process.

The Clean Home carpet cleaning process is also healthier for you and the environment than the systems used by other cleaners. Since carbonation does most of the work, there is no need for heavy chemical dousing or the use of harsh abrasives. This means that there will be no chemical residue in your carpets and there will be no chemical waste to be discarded.

The Clean Home carpet cleaning system is also better because it doesn’t encourage dirt to return.

The cleaners who use heavy soaps may actually be pushing dirt back to your carpet soon after the cleaning is over since dirt is attracted to the soapy fibers in your carpet. This is one reason a dirt or rust spot can reappear after it has been (apparently) cleaned. With the Clean Home carpet cleaning process, you are sure to get your carpet cleaned right, the first time.

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Mike Perez

Mike Perez

Michael Perez of Clean Home of NC, LLC has been serving the Durham, Raleigh and the surrounding area for over 10 years. Prior to that, he owned a construction business for nearly 20 years. He has the experience you can count on, and that’s what matters. Call him today for a free quote at (919) 744-7444
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